Revealed: CTOs on the most overrated wireless technology

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The telecoms industry spends so long talking about the future that it is easy to forget the so-called gamechanging technology that is understandably left, unlamented, in the past. For every iPad, there’s a BlackBerry Playbook. For every Sony Walkman, there’s a Panasonic MiJockey.

When Mobile Europe spoke to Europe’s leading chief technology officers, as well as their achievements and what excited them in the industry in 2014, we also wanted to know what they didn’t miss or are sick of hearing about. Here’s what they thought.

Reality sets in as operators get ready for decade-long transition to SDN, NFV

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2014 has been predicted by some as the year that both Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualisation become a reality in the European telecoms market.

Hyped as the cure-all for immobile telco networks, last year saw some of the first large scale trials of virtual products, whether it was Telefónica partnering with NEC in Brazil to bring part of its customer premises equipment to the cloud, or Deutsche Telekom looking to SDN/NFV as a means of making its business more nimble and preparing it for ever increasing traffic growth.