Samsung releases Tizen SDK for smartwatches

Samsung has launched a Tizen Software Developer Kit (SDK) for its wearable devices the Gear 2 and Gear Neo to help develops build apps for its smartwatches.

The SDK is available for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu, and comes in at just 5MB. The kit allows users to develop the three types of Gear applications: Linked, Integrated and Standalone.

EE deploys Wi-Fi, heat maps to track Asda customers

UK supermarket chain Asda is using Wi-Fi and heat-mapping technology provided by EE to track customer behaviour and send them offers.

The UK operator has installed Wi-Fi networks in Asda's 575 stores, allowing the supermarket to track customer activity such as how long they spend in store and their route around a branch.

Explosion in voice calls unlikely to boost revenues, claims report

The mobile video calling service customer base will increase to over 130 million users by 2018 but companies are unlikely to make much revenue from them, according to a new report by Juniper Research.

The "Future Voice Strategies" report said because only a very small number of users pay for voice calling, companies need to offer a broader array of services and apps that can be monetised. It said the market is being undermined by the volume of companies offering video calls for free.

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