Qualcomm launches wireless health platform in Europe

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Qualcomm has officially announced the launch of Qualcomm Life, its wireless healthcare business, in Europe.

The Life business is built on the 2Net Platform and Hub, a data collection and reporting system that has been operational in the USA since December 2011. The system works by collecting data from medical devices that connect through an on-site secure Hub. Certified mobile phone or other cellular-enabled devices or applications can also be used to transmit data to the platform.

(The 2net Platform and Hub are each individually certified as Class I Medical Devices in Europe.)

Once captured, the data is then transferred to either the patient, medical staff or service provider connected to the platform. 

Telia Sonera going horizontal in M2M

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Telia Sonera made the news this week with an announcement that it is deploying Ericsson's M2M platform.

Mobile Europe spoke, last week, to Hans Dahlberg, Head of Teliasonera Global M2M Services and to Tech Mahindra, a partner of the operator*.
When we asked about the platform approach, Dahlberg said he couldn't really talk about that side of things but to stay tuned. Clearly he was referring to the pending announcement with Ericsson.

DeviceScape powering Windows Phone 8 WiFi selection

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devicescape_Windows_Phone_8_WiFiWith news yesterday that operators and vendors are working to further integrate WiFi and cellular small cells, today's WiFi announcement comes courtesy of Microsoft, which has said that it is using DeviceScape's WiFi database to drive WiFI access point selection within Windows Phone 8. 

The company has licensed the use of data from DeviceScape's Curated Virtual Network (CVN) so that WP 8 phones can locate WiFi acccess points based on availability and quality.  DeviceScape said that it has 11 million access points mapped.

EC: UMTS spectrum must be available for LTE by mid-2014

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Considers removing unpaired 2GHz spectrum from mobile landscape

The European Commission has said that member Governments must, by June 2014, allow mobile operators to deploy LTE services in spectrum that is currently reserved for UMTS.
The EC has released a Decision making it mandatory for Goverments to allow operators to refarm 3G spectrum for LTE use. The spectrum bands in question are at 1920-1980 MHz paired with 2110-2170 MHz. These are the bands currently used by operators for UMTS, or 3G, services.