DeviceScape powering Windows Phone 8 WiFi selection

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devicescape_Windows_Phone_8_WiFiWith news yesterday that operators and vendors are working to further integrate WiFi and cellular small cells, today's WiFi announcement comes courtesy of Microsoft, which has said that it is using DeviceScape's WiFi database to drive WiFI access point selection within Windows Phone 8. 

The company has licensed the use of data from DeviceScape's Curated Virtual Network (CVN) so that WP 8 phones can locate WiFi acccess points based on availability and quality.  DeviceScape said that it has 11 million access points mapped.

EC: UMTS spectrum must be available for LTE by mid-2014

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Considers removing unpaired 2GHz spectrum from mobile landscape

The European Commission has said that member Governments must, by June 2014, allow mobile operators to deploy LTE services in spectrum that is currently reserved for UMTS.
The EC has released a Decision making it mandatory for Goverments to allow operators to refarm 3G spectrum for LTE use. The spectrum bands in question are at 1920-1980 MHz paired with 2110-2170 MHz. These are the bands currently used by operators for UMTS, or 3G, services. 

EE gets ready for LTE lift-off

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EE_LTE_store_LondonAt nine o’clock tonight, nearly 700 Orange and T-Mobile stores will close. By the morning they will all have been refitted and rebranded and will open under the EE fascia selling EE, Orange and T-Mobile products and, of course, LTE.

As the company readied itself for the relaunch, Mobile Europe grabbed a quick chat with Marc Allera, Chief of Sales, EE, at London’s Oxford Street Store, which has already had its refit.

On the store refits and move to EE:

Sisvel launches LTE patent pool

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Still not many big names in either Sisvel or Via's LTE pools

A month after US-based patent company Via Licensing announced it had launched an LTE patent pool, Sisvel has formally launched its own pool. The patent pool operator, which in 2011 bought 450 patents filed by Nokia, has announced that its pool will include patents from EADS, the China Academy of Telecommunication Technology, the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ESRI), France Telecom, TDF, and KPN, as well as the patents originally filed by Nokia that Sisvel acquired.

Sisvel said its pool license makes its current portfolio of essential LTE patents available under standard terms and conditions with a running royalty rate of 0.99 Euros per device.

SpiderCloud Wireless to add LTE, concentrate on services

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Spidercloud_logo_LTE_small_cellSpiderCloud Wireless has said that its indoor enterprise wireless system will be LTE-ready from mid-2013.

The small cell vendor sells its E-RAN (Enterprise RAN) solution, a combination of Power-over-Ethernet capable radio nodes with an on site controller node, termed the Small Cells Services Node (SCSN). Until now the radio nodes have offered 3G and WiFi radio capability. From the middle of 2013 SpiderCloud will have an LTE+WiFi radio node available, according to CMO Ronny Haraldsvik. The company will also make the SCSN software-upgradeable to support LTE.