Multiple number app offers BYO identity as a service

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Movius_BYOD_dual_numberMobile operators are being offered a white-label app that would enable them to offer users multiple phone numbers, tied to separate iDs, on a single phone.

The app doesn’t require users to use a Dual-SIM phone or activate a second SIM identity, or use the data channel (VoIP) for the alternative number as many OTT voice services do. Instead, intelligence is handled between an on-device client and a network server to handle number translation, so that incoming and outgoing calls can be routed over the TDM (voice) network and carry the chosen caller iD.


Confusion over IPX role, claims report

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Many mobile operators are still unsure of the value that IPXs (IPeXchanges) can bring to their businesses, according to Isabelle Paradis, CEO of research company Hot Telecom.

Originally conceived by the GSMA to cater for the growing IP needs of mobile operators; IPX has since come to include the IP-requirements of fixed operators, cable companies, ISPs and "OTT" players. Hot Telecom has carried out a survey of 100+ providers and customers of IPXs, and found that there appears to be a disconnect between how IPX providers view their businesses, and how their customers do.

Austrian court says Yesss! to trigger consolidation

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Telekom Austria has received approval for its proposed acquisition of youth brand Yesss! from Orange Austria. The approval, granted today from the Austrian Cartel Court, opens the way for Three Austria to acquire the remaining assets of Orange, and will reduce the number of operators in Austria from four to three.

50 operators now offer direct billing on Blackberry World

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blackberry_app_worldFifty mobile operators now offer direct billing to developers on Blackberry App World app, according to a release from RIM.

RIM said that customers show a tendency to buy more apps when carrier billing is enabled. On average, 75% of gross sales are transacted through the carrier when direct billing is enabled, and RIM added that "average carrier revenues derived from apps increased between 100%-300% after launch".