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    Ericsson, TIM and Comau test 5G ‘fabbrica del futuro’


    Industrialists shown the future in three slices

    Telecom Italia (TIM) and Ericsson have unveiled three new uses cases for 5G-orchestrated production at automation specialist Comau’s Turin HQ, reports The Manufacturer.  Each slice of 5G factory life shows how bandwidth control could boost output. “We’ve demonstrated some applications that are indispensable in a rapidly evolving manufacturing context,” said Alessandro Pane, Research and Development Director, Ericsson Italy. 

    The experiment’s first use case captures the movement of a robot and produces a synchronized digital twin, their movements harmonised by both ‘split second’ and ‘sliced network’ timing. “As the central system is constantly updated, it can consequently decide which production process is most convenient while controlling all the function parameters,” the Manufacturer reported to its industry focused readership. 

    Comau brain

    The app demonstrates how 5G can improve real-time monitoring and protect industrial assets, saving time and money on faults, breakdowns and avoidable stresses. Visiting industrialists will marvel how data is captured by thousands of sensors and sent to an application that uses the acquired data to improve predictive maintenance planning, production processes and quality. Integration with Comau’s in Grid digital platform means that deviations from normal operations can be spotted and fixed quicker. In addition, remote support from systems running in the cloud, such as high-definition videos and augmented reality (AR) devices, expedite repairs in the case of failure.

    “Comau is defining automation using external sensors feeding data to a central brain,” Alessandro Piscioneri, Digital Solutions and Services Segment Leader. “The 5Growth project, which we have developed in close collaboration with important partners TIM and Ericsson, has enabled Comau to directly field test the value of the private 5G technology.”

    Immersive telepresence

    Immersive telepresence is the third use case on display, introducing analysts, visiting dignatories and industrialist the potential of holographic reality to improved remote support scenario. It sounds an awful lot like a rebranded version of virtual reality and the metaverse. In the demo maintenance staff on site are assisted remotely by an expert in order as they jointly resolve problems, using both augmented reality (AR) and digital tutorials. This all hinges on the reliability created by the controlled apportioning of 5G network slices. “With partners like Comau and Ericsson, we can guarantee new secure instant services that can be customized for the business scenarios of Industry four point zero,” said Daniele Franceschini, Head of Innovation at TIM, “our skills will contribute to digitalisation, providing solutions that improve the processes of businesses and public administration.”

    Don’t tell, show

    Industrialists are getting a vivid demonstration of how they can save resources and even try things that weren’t possible before. It’s so much more effective to show people, rather than keep parroting the word innovation at them, according to the report. The European Union-funded 5Growth (5G-enabled Growth in Vertical Industries) project deals with the development of 5G solutions capable of meeting the rigorous requirements of major industry verticals such as Industry 4.0, Transportation, and Energy, following a field-based-trial approach.