MLL Telecom CTO wants to build hetnets to help carriers if it wins 4G spectrum


Several surprise companies are bidding for spectrum in the UK’s long awaited 4G LTE auctions – one of which is little known managed services provider MLL Telecom.

The company specializes in designing, building and managing bespoke mobile networks and infrastructure for British operators as well as public and private enterprises.

Its goal in bidding for spectrum is to complement existing its existing 32 and 40Gbit spectrum which it uses to build wireless networks.

MLL now wants to expand its capabilities and, by offering enhanced services, “help make its carrier customers more successful”.

Ofcom prevents detailed discussion of plans, bidding methodology or comment about other operators but MLL’s aim, CTO Peter Jennings explained to Mobile Europe, is to use new spectrum to build hetnets.

“We are not looking to launch competitive networks. We will use additional spectrum to build the infrastructure which enables operators to enhance services, do their job most efficiently and to help reduce their opex.”

Jennings suggested the biggest challenge going forward is for operators to have the necessary capacity to handle data demand.

Delivering more capacity most cost effectively he believes depends on rolling out small cells, taking them closer to users and building hetnets.

“We are experts in delivering more capacity cost effectively. A key challenge lies in linking cells, for which wireless is ideal. For us, getting more spectrum will open up a new raft of options,” continued Jennings who adds MLL Telecom is also a hetnet backhaul supplier.

There are benefits to the fact that the UK is behind other countries both in holding spectrum auctions and launching LTE suggested the CTO.

Carriers can take advantage of others’ experience to install the latest equipment from vendors who have solved any possible problems associated with first generation solutions.

As a fully licensed operator with planning rights, MLL Telecom has more than 3,000 microwave radio links throughout Britain.

There are six other bidders in the UK auction, which is due to start later this month: BT, Telefonica O2, Vodafone, Three, PCCW and EE.