Qualcomm and Deutsche Telekom Team Up For 'Internet Of Everything' M2M Apps


German telco Deutsche Telekom has just partnered with US Equipment giant Qualcomm in a move that intends to drive the devlepment environment for the so-called 'Internet of Everything' machin-to-machine platform based on Oracle's Java platform.

IoE supports rapid prototyping, testing and deployment of cellular-enabled IoE apps by exposing the application processing power of Qualcomm's QSC6270-Turbo chipset, enabling developers to write and execute apps directly on the modem chipset. Furthermore, the IoE platform enables intelligent functionality to be added in devices along with cellular connectivity.

According to Qualcomm, IoE is based on its Gobi QSC6270-Turbo chipset and will be available via its German development partner Deutsche Telekom. Application developers will be able to utilize IoE with support for Oracle Java ME Embedded 3.2. In addition, the IoE development platform is intended to attract software developers seeking to create new machine-to-machine (M2M) and IoE apps. Deutsche Telekom said it was already accepting pre-orders for the IoE development platform at its M2M Marketplace. The German telco confirmed that plans to ship M2M development platforms from Q2 of 2013.

Deutsche Telekom itself is to use the IoE platform for its own M2M Developer Community, as Thomas Kiessling, chief product and innovation officer at Deutsche Telekom explained: “The M2M market needs horizontal solutions, from the cellular connectivity enabled by Qualcomm Technologies' chipsets to the Java programming environment, and they come together nicely in this IoE development platform being launched. From first glance, we knew that this piece of hardware would become an important part of our global efforts to grow the M2M ecosystem and market.”

Oracle's Java ME Embedded provides a horizontal platform, and Java technology boasts a community of over 9 million experienced developers worldwide with experience across the broad range of IoE verticals. Deutsche Telekom will make the IoE development platform available with SIM cards from Deutsche Telekom and its portfolio of operators, providing developers with large-scale access to cellular connectivity for their applications.

Commenting on the role of Java in the IoE platform, Judson Althoff, senior vice president of worldwide alliances and channels for Oracle added: “Oracle realizes that creating the next wave of Internet-connected devices is just a starting point, but that the real opportunity is in enabling these devices to become a part of a larger and vastly more intelligent system of collecting, processing and acting on data.”