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    DTW24 – Ignite: Catalysing industry progress through innovation and collaboration 


    Partner content: Oracle Communications looks forward to the opportunities this event provides to advance innovation in the evolving communications landscape

    With a focus on unlocking the power of AI, this year’s DTW24-Ignite, held in Copenhagen (pictured), is bound to spark new ideas with animated exchanges, expert collaboration, and challenges to the status quo.

    One of the main tenets of this event (and one of the reasons I personally love attending), is how we’re able to innovate as an industry, continuously pushing the limit of what we’re able to achieve. In that context The Catalyst Program provides an excellent opportunity for communications service providers, IT vendors, and the extended ecosystem to collaborate; testing and validating cutting-edge proof-of-concepts.

    Diversifying connections: SATCOM and 5G anywhere

    This year, I’m proud to announce Oracle Communications will again participate in the collaborative program to put our solutions to the test. Building off our Phase I project from last year, evolving the digital experience of SATCOM products we will return with Phase II, SATCOM + 5G anywhere. Working with colleagues from Airbus, BT Group, OneWeb, Bell, and others we’ll address a unique opportunity domain that is poised to become a hotbed of innovation and disruption in the next 3-5 years.

    The convergence between 5G and satellite communication networks has incredible potential to diversify the way we connect around the world. However, we as an industry need to raise the bar on the standards we’re outlining around OSS/BSS and network management. In this catalyst, we aim to establish standards driven by higher resilience and reliability requirements.

    Conceptually, the solution builds on TM Forum’s Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) paradigm to integrate Telco and SATCOM CFSs into a single core commerce layer. From there, we’ll work to establish GSMA network service templates to better capture the needs of business customers through the marketplace. This collaborative effort will not only help elevate SATCOM standards, but also establish the resiliency needed for commercial success in the near future.

    Spotlight on CSPs: Unlocking transformation and growth

    Beyond the Catalyst Program, Oracle will also be participating in speaking sessions with our customers to offer guidance through case study analysis. Across three sessions we’ll explore Oracle implementations from leading telcos around the world covering these topics:

    CASE STUDY: How KPN is boosting performance and unlocking new revenue opportunities with a multi-cloud modernization strategy  

    In this session, experts from Oracle Communications and KPN to learn why service providers need to consider cloud transformation. Diving into the challenges of modernising applications, this session will aim to educate attendees about how to take the best approach to cloud migration. KPN will explain the benefits they’ve seen to their business by moving to the cloud, honing in on best practices for multi-cloud migration and application modernisation.

    CASE STUDY: The making of a digital pioneer – Salam’s transformation story  

    Salam first came to Oracle seeking support in optimising its operations and expediting the delivery of new 5G services. In this case study, experts from Oracle Communications and Salam walk through the challenges of digitally transforming business and customer operations from their first-hand experience. The session offers insights into driving customer experience outcomes in a highly competitive market and offers a candid look into how Salam was able to launch new business lines in record time using digital BSS.

    PRESENTATION & INTERVIEW: How KDDI Digital Life is unlocking growth with the ‘Open Telco’ proposition

    In this session, KDDI Digital Life and Oracle experts show how embracing openness and collaboration can be the key to unlocking new growth opportunities. Attendees can dive into the world of open and platform-based approaches, discovering how they foster collaboration at scale. This session will offer insider knowledge from first-hand experience of why an “Open Telco” approach is critical to future business success.

    The ODA Canvas Evolution

    This session features Oracle experts who will showcase the power of an Open Digital Architecture (ODA). Attendees will have the opportunity to experience ODA in action and how it can help drive everything from business growth to implementing new ecosystems.

    DTW24 – Ignite offers a unique opportunity to introduce real-world solutions to critical industry challenges; to pressure-test innovation by bringing industry experts together; and to drive change that can impact the standards service providers hold themselves accountable to around the world. Learn more about Oracle’s participation at DTW24 – Ignite, and our solutions, here.

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    Jason Rutherford is Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Communications, Applications