Switched on: how media function virtualisation is revolutionising TV and home entertainment


Choice of 3 locations and dates:

- AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands | Wednesday 12th September 2018 | PM + 3-course Dinner included

- PARIS, France | Thursday 27th September 2018 | PM + 3-course Dinner included 

- LONDON, England | Tuesday 16th October 2018 | PM + 3-course Dinner included 

The past 10 years have seen a sea change in video consumption and associated business models. From the early days of YouTube to video on demand and beyond, consumers' viewing habits and the way providers are required to accommodate them have been transformed.

How can operators respond? Media functions virtualisation is seen as a way of helping operators achieve flexibility and speed in deploying and delivering high quality video services, responding nimbly to the changing market and strengthening their own position.

By attending this invite-only roundtable you will be able to explore how the technology can be deployed effectively, discuss the opportunities and obstacles to developing an MFV strategy, share learnings on the journey towards implementing MFV and discuss the best ways of placing it into an operator's television services.

Spaces are allocated on an individual basis to relevant senior professionals from operator only, subject to approval. 

Not available to vendors or solutions providers.

HOW TO ATTEND – Apply via email to marcinp@sjpbusinessmedia.com with your preferred location and date