Small Cells World Summit 2014

Small Cell Worlds Summit 2014


Mobile Europe talks to Michael McFarland, Senior Director, Product Management and Marketing, Airvana


Mobile Europe talks to Simon Brown, CEO, ip.access about its new presenceCell product.

Telenor CTO Frode Støldal Pt1

The Telenor CTO discusses how it uses small cells across Norway, what the key challenges for implementation are and his thoughts on the growing small cells as a service market

Telenor CTO Frode Støldal PT2

The Telenor CTO discusses how it changed its 4G LTE plans because of Apple, the challenges of rolling out LTE in rural regions and the future of its 3G network.


Mobile Europe talks to Paul Gowans, Mobility Marketing Manager, JDSU UK


Mobile Europe talks to Paul Senior, Chief Technical Officer and Senior Vice President, Airspan