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Mobile phones users may soon find it easier to access real web pages using technology that Nokia has acquired following its USD21million purchase in April of Pittsburgh software company Eizel Technology.

Psion, the largest shareholder behind Symbian, the operating system, has revealed an always-on email solution for the enterprise. The company's aim is to take mobile email from a top executive offering into the business mainstream by providing ease of use and lower cost of ownership. Richard Thurston reports.

Borland Software Corporation, the software development and deployment solutions provider, has announced that its solution is now compatible with Nokia's Series 60 platform.

Delivering business applications has up to now been a compromise --- a choice between synchronisation and browser technologies --- both of which  have limitations. The former struggles to roll-out new applications, while the latter is slow and doesn't allow users to work off-line. This is the view of Peter Mansour, president and ceo of Sproqit, which has created a new approach that overcomes these shortcomings.

Leading wireless vendors have combined forces with the aim of introducing wireless broadband coverage across metropolitan areas Richard Thurston reports.

Content rights issues are set to delay the large-scale rollout of multiple data services unless they are addressed properly. And, according to Core Media's UK Manager Val Karruck, the way to do this is through an integrated platform and using standards created by the Open Mobile Alliance.

In a move designed to provide applications developers with easy and consistent access to its products, Orange has created a global developer site. This will detail how a developer can purchase, unlock and configure an SPV for development purposes, digitally sign their applications and publish applications on the Orange download site.

Additional funding for research into base stations has been announced by the UK Home Office. In one of the world's first studies, the Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Programme will look at the prevalence of childhood leukaemias and cancers near base stations.

The growth of the public wireless local area networking (P-WLAN) market is set to continue in both the USA and Western Europe, driven by business travellers' appetite for cheap and fast remote access to the Internet, according to a new report published this week by Analysys.

Mobile device batteries, for so long now one of the most constraining features of mobile terminals, could be set for a radical change, according to Jane Dennis of Casio. She said, "Within a year or two battery technology will be capable of re-fuelling." Following much the same principle as is used with cigarette lighters, (although different fuel) users will be able to re-fuel the battery cells of their mobile phones on the fly, therefore minimising the risk or being left with a useless phone.

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Fulfilling the potential of MMS information services can only be achieved if the images received by the user do justice to the subject. This is the view of Brainstorm's ceo, Craig Massey, who explained that the majority of service delivery systems don't allow the image to be optimised for each handset. "The key element for content delivery is the user experience, irrespective of handset and therefore we have concentrated on transcoding and image sizing."

A low-cost, portable and simple alternative to GPS satellite location has been developed using mobile phone signals. Overview Mapping's Verilocation service is based on cell location and can pinpoint a registered phone with signals garnered from the UK's four major operators. It displays location data combined with Overmapping's own digital street-level maps on a website and is accurate to one hundred metres. Designed as a pay-as-you-go application, it is aimed at time/service critical industries considering GPS location and telemetry. However, anyone with a GSM phone could utilise the system, which ties location accurately to the road network, without unnecessary sub-two metre GPS precision.

Overview Mapping is licensed by Ordnance Survey and offers a range of mapping solutions to businesses, including internet portals.