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    Over 70% of telco customers don’t find personalised marketing ‘creepy’


    Sponsored: For many years there has been an aura around marketing personalisation that it is somehow intrusive. Big Brother. A bit creepy. New research from Intent HQ conducted among mobile phone consumers shows that the reality is very different.

    When given the choice, consumers actually prefer having tailored communication from brands. They say it fosters greater loyalty and they find it helpful.

    At a time when inflation in the UK and US has reached a 3-decade high, telco brands need to review their approaches to marketing. They need to find ways to increase brand loyalty, improve marketing ROI and get better campaign conversion rates. Personalisation can help achieve this.

    Intent HQ, a leading customer AI technology specialist, surveyed 500 consumers* across all demographic groups to find out what they thought about the personalised marketing coming from their network operators. The thinking behind this was that given pretty much every economically active person in the UK, Europe and US has a mobile phone, the results offer important insights for marketers that are representative of the wider population.

    75% said getting more personalised, relevant marketing and customer service made them happy and more likely to show loyalty towards their phone provider.

    74% said they were happy for customer data to be used for personalised marketing purposes and just 18% said they would not provide consent. Consumers were also willing to accept marketers using weblog data (sourced from the websites they routinely browse) to pinpoint their preferences and preferred this to marketers using bought in 3rd party data.

    When asked if they had any concerns about using the data to personalise marketing, only 24% said they found it ‘creepy and intrusive’, and 9% had no concerns whatsoever.

    Interestingly consumers over 45 years old were more comfortable with the use of weblog data versus consumers aged 44 or below.

    Jonathan Lakin, CEO at Intent HQ says, “These findings highlight that consumer attitudes towards personalised marketing have matured. At a time when brands need to take swift action to avoid price overtaking other attributes to be the primary purchase decision driver, the message to marketers is clear. Using personalisation could be the difference between success and failure when the impact of inflation really starts to bite.”

    Intent HQ was founded with a clear purpose, to help the world’s largest telcos – to create more relevant and sustainable customer interactions.

    To learn more about why customers care about personalisation, and the personalization opportunity for telcos, download our eBook here!