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ZTE preps 4G QCell for multi-mode indoor coverage


ZTE has launched a new cloud-based network coordination product that offers multi-mode and multi-frequency 2G, 3G and LTE indoors and outdoors.

The vendor said its new 4G Qcell solution allows operators to offer converged networks to customers, with a strong indoor performance. It said it differs to traditional distributed antenna systems by implementing a Pico cell remote radio unit and power through standard Ethernet cables.

ZTE said the product is simpler to set up, with a reduction in deployment time of 60 percent, and cheaper to run. It said it uses transmission compression algorithims and multi-mode integration to aggregate two 20MHz carriers and offer several different forms of connectivity via Ethernet.

The vendor said its cell combination technology improves indoor coverage, reduces interference from nearby cells as well as call handoff drop rates. The product uses cell splitting to meet increases in capacity demands.

ZTE said the product had been developed to meet booming indoor data usage. It said wireless data traffic indoors is more than 70 percent of total.

Zhang Jianguo, Vice President of ZTE, said: "ZTE’s 4G Qcell solution provides end-users with ubiquitous access to a superior network both indoors and outdoors, effectively addressing demand for both network capacity and service coverage in the 4G era. The new technology from ZTE outperforms existing solutions on the market, giving operators the advantages of large capacity, seamless coverage, rapid deployment, smooth evolution, manageability, and controllability.”

The vendor said it has now signed 160 LTE evolved packet core commercial contracts with operators worldwide and has deals in place with around 70 percent of LTE markets.