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Nokia Networks, du achieve first commercial VoLTE call in Middle East


Nokia Networks and UAE-based operator du have held the region’s first commercial Voice over LTE (VoLTE) call. 

Using Nokia’s IMS-based VoLTE technology, VoLTE handsets successfully connected HD voice calls within two seconds whilst connected to du’s 4G network.

Nokia achieved VoLTE over the “complex” multi-vendor network using a solution based on its “Liquid Core” IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). Nokia claimed it designed, tested and integrated VoLTE into du’s LTE network in 80 days, making it “the world’s fastest implementation” of the technology.

Meanwhile, its Professional Services unit carried out network planning and optimisation alongside system integration and network implementation. The vendor also provided LTE radio access to du’s commercial network.

Saleem Al Balooshi, Executive Vice President of Network Development and Operations at du, said: “With Nokia’s VoLTE solution, we will be able to use the full potential of LTE mobile broadband technology by ensuring seamless HD voice calls and video over our LTE network.” 

“With our longtime partner Nokia Networks, we will soon be able to provide HD multimedia services including browser-based apps for video conferencing, chat, file sharing and other services for our customers.”

VoLTE technology is widely regarded as the next major step in cellular telephony, producing better call quality and greater reliability than 2G and 3G-based communications. 

Tony Awad, head of du customer team at Nokia Networks, said: “With its higher spectral efficiency, VoLTE will free up capacity for voice and data services for a better overall customer experience and more efficient use of network resources. In addition, it will reduce operating costs for the operator by enabling network simplification.”

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