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O2 UK starts beta of Protect security product


O2 has launched a beta version of a new security product in the UK that offers protection to smartphones, tablets and digital content.

The operator is inviting customers to take part in a trial, which will take place until 31 March.

Protect stores digital content in the cloud, which allows consumers to access photos and files securely and share them with others, the operator said.

Further, it allows users to remotely track, lock and wipe any stolen devices. 

The basic version of Protect offers 8GB of secure cloud storage. Protect Must-Have will cost £3 per month from April and offers 32GB of cloud storage alongside its O2 Guard service, which provides anti-virus and anti-malware software, for one device.

A Protect Everything version costs £7.50 per month and offers unlimited cloud storage and O2 Guard for five devices.

O2 Guard is available on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows devices. While Store and Share, its cloud back-up service, is available to owners of Apple, Android and Windows smartphones, BlackBerry consumers cannot use it.

A separate O2 Protect app for Android consumers allows customers to directly launch the Store & Share and Guard apps from one place, as well as find out how much cloud storage has been used.

Telefónica's German arm has already been selling the security product to customers.

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