Turning point for DNA as mobile traffic outpaces fixed


Traffic across DNA's mobile network exceeded its fixed broadband arm this summer, the Finnish operator has announced.

It said most of the traffic over its mobile network is LTE. In August, its mobile network processed 32,000 terabytes of data, compared to 27,000Tb on its fixed arm. It said broadband traffic continues to grow, but is failing to keep pace with smartphone usage. 

Ville Virtanen, Head of Department, Access Network, at DNA, said: “This summer was a turning point. Now approximately 18 percent more data is transmitted in DNA’s mobile network than in the fixed broadband network. Further, our mobile network’s momentary traffic peak was record-high in August. Although data usage was higher in August than ever before, also peak traffic grew most in the period in question. In practice, the network’s throughput is thus at an excellent level, which our customers experience as high-quality connections."

He added: “We naturally also focus on developing our fixed broadband network. We can provide households and companies with access speeds of gigabit order. For households we provide access without any changes in the housing company’s internal network."

According to a recent report from Tefficient, DNA's customers are consuming almost six gigabytes of data per month. The operator is aiming to grow its population coverage from 98 percent to 99 percent by the end of this year.

In addition to launching VoWiFi and VoLTE earlier this year, the operator has also trialled three band carrier aggregation, hitting theoretical speeds of 600MBps.