Tele2, Telit get simWISE with new embedded IoT tech


Tele2 and IoT technology provider Telit have introduced new cellular module-embedded technology aimed at replacing the traditional SIM card.

The simWISE product claims to reduce manufacturing costs and improve customer services across verticals. It will initially support 2G connectivity but it is unknown when other cellular standards will be introduced to the solution.

Telit said it wanted to widen its selection of embedded connectivity solutions, and remove design constraints and reliability issues that come with the standard removable SIM and tray.

It said simWISE would also reduce logistic costs related to the control, stock and shipping of pre-provisioned cards, as well as remove the switching costs associated with swapping SIMs in person and changing network profiles.

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Alon Segal, CTO of Telit, said: "As the M2M/IoT market continues to mature, devices will continue to get less expensive and smaller, making it easier for enterprises to harness the business-growing potential of IoT.

"simWISE is a step in that direction. Removal of the SIM card from product design dramatically reduces the time to market, complexity, and total cost of ownership of IoT devices."

Stephen Bryant, CTO of Tele2 IoT, added: "We have a strong partnership with Telit from both commercial and technology aspects and we share the same vision about the ecosystem. simWISE will simplify and streamline manufacturing, logistics and onboarding. Tele2 IoT will always be on the frontline of new IoT technologies and solutions."