Vodafone uses Global SIM to aid diabetes sufferers


Vodafone is using its Global SIM to connect glucose meters for diabetes sufferers in an effort to track their condition.

The operator is working with Smart Meter, a mobile health services provider for people with diabetes.

The healthcare company's iGlucose platform and meter wirelessly sends blood glucose readings and information to a personal web portal. Patients can access trend reports and log and track their diabetes tests.

The platform can also automatically send glucose readings to family members or other designated people via text or email. Healthcare professionals can track those whose glucose levels are low, out of control, or if patients are not testing.

Vodafone Group’s Director of IoT Ivo Rook said: “Connected technologies are transforming healthcare, from providing better care to improving research and development. One area that I believe is ideally placed to benefit from this kind of technology is helping patients to fully commit to their treatment plans.”

Smart Meter CEO Cliff McIntosh added: “The reliable and instantaneous two-way communication we can provide through an affordable platform is a real game-changer for people that are managing diabetes – they know they always have the support of others when needed.

"Vodafone listened to our needs, provided a customised solution to fit our requirements, and offered the expertise and ability to give us seamless global accessibility, all making our decision to partner with Vodafone an easy one.”

According to research issued by Berg yesterday, healthcare remains one of the biggest cellular opportunities within the Internet of Things. However, it trails behind the likes of fleet management and retail.