Telia Finland looks to bring further connectivity to the have-yachts


Telia Finland is working with a luxury yacht company to develop new kinds of cellular-based troubleshooting services at sea.

The operator has started work with Baltic Yachts, which already uses Telia's voice and data solutions for fleet maintenance and troubleshooting.

Sasha Laitinen, Financial Director at Baltic Yachts, said: “We can have our team on site within two to three days of the fault notice. The yacht can be located in the Caribbean, in the Indian Ocean or anywhere. Data makes it fast to perform troubleshooting. In the future, we will also be able to help a crew in trouble remotely by means of the new technology."

Milla Virén, Director of Sales at Telia Finland, added the partnership will also explore different kinds of mobility services.

She said: "The Internet of Things is quickly conquering the waters, too. In addition, virtual reality will improve the security in the near future in the most modern luxury yachts."

Earlier this week, Telia said it was using 3G to connect the world's largest underground oil shale mine, which is in Estonia.

Its Norwegian arm has also fitted 1,000 sheep with NB-IoT technology to track their location during the summer pasture.

In March, the operator teamed up with a Norwegian start-up to equip boats with connected solar-powered pumps that automatically remove water from a vessel.