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Nokia sets up tech committee for strategy review


Nokia has established a new technology committee with the remit of reviewing its innovation and technology strategies.

The Finnish vendor made the announcement following its 2018 annual general meeting, at which it also determined a dividend payment of €0.19 per share for the 2017 financial year and reelected nine board members and named one new member.

The technology committee is chaired by Edward Kozel, who has served on the Nokia board since last year and whose employment history includes a stint as CTIO and management board member at Deutsche Telekom and over a decade as CTO of Cisco.

Nokia board members Bruce Brown, Jeanette Horan and Louis R. Hughes were all named as members of the technology committee, as were Nokia's chairman Risto Siilasmaa and vice-chair Olivier Piou.

Nokia said it has established the committee "primarily as an advisory forum and for the purpose of reviewing Nokia's high-level innovation and technology strategies which are formulated and executed by the management of the company."

The technology committee will periodically review Nokia's approach to major technological innovations; key technology trends that could present disruptive threats or opportunities; high-level risks and opportunities associated with Nokia's R&D programmes; and Nokia's technological competitiveness and new technology initiatives, the vendor explained.