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Fastweb in Lecce WiFi deal


Fastweb has signed a memorandum of understanding with the city council in Lecce to improve WiFi connectivity, including the installation of up to 350 new hotspots.

In addition to the rollout of new WiFi points, the deal also covers the integration of existing WiFi networks in various areas of the city.

The Italian operator will have access to public hotspots in the city to boost its own WiFi network coverage. In these areas it will provide a free WiFi service under the Lecce Wireless banner. Fastweb will be responsible for the management of the infrastructure.

The deal with Fastweb "enables us to extend and strengthen the city's WiFi network and to improve the Lecce Wireless band, which to date has failed to meet expectations," Alessandro Delli Noci, deputy mayor and councillor responsible for innovation in the southern Italian city.

"Through the project we envisage the installation of up to 350 new hotspots across the city, primarily in the most peripheral neighbourhoods, which will be added to the 100 existing [hotspots] and WiFi coverage of three major tourist routes," he said.

He explained that in addition to boosting coverage in the city centre for the benefit of tourists, the project will also strengthen the suburbs and reduce the digital divide.

Fastweb's chief institutional and external relations officer Sergio Scalpelli added that the project will also "lay the foundations for future smart city and Internet of Things projects, to create an advanced digital ecosystem in Lecce."