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Elisa goes green with eco-base station deployment


Elisa has deployed the first liquid-cooled base station in Helsinki, which it said could reduce the environmental impact of infrastructure deployment.

Nokia developed the base station at its Bell Labs facility and used a liquid-cooled power system from power supplier Efore.

By using liquid cooling, air conditions and fans could be removed from the hardware, increasing operator savings and component lifespan and reduce the noise output.

Previous trials of the technology showed an up to 80 percent reduction in CO2 emissions and up to 30 percent reduction in energy running costs.

The base station was deployed in an apartment complex in Helsinki. Heat from the base station was redirected to heat the building.

Minna Kröger, Director, Corporate responsibility from Elisa, said: "We have set science-based targets to reduce our emissions in our effort to become an environmental leader, and we are committed to providing customers the services that enable them to act in a sustainable way. We are excited to leverage the extensive expertise of Nokia and Nokia Bell Labs for this important deployment."

Pekka Sundström, Head of the Elisa customer team at Nokia, added: "This first commercial deployment will enable us to understand the real-world benefits for customers such as Elisa as they transition toward 5G, and how the system can be implemented on a wider scale to help reduce the environmental impact of information and communications technology.

"We continue to explore ways of introducing efficiencies and reducing emissions across our portfolio, and this project marks a significant step in that journey."