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Proximus signs digital partnership with Belgian bank


Proximus and Belgian bank Belfius have teamed up to market exclusive and digitally integrated offers to each other's customers.

The companies say the deal “offers a relevant local alternative to global players who integrate telecom, media and financial services into their ecosystems.”

From next year, Proximus customers will have access to mobile banking from Belfius, supporting digital and cashless payments. In return, Proximus will develop a package of applications for Belfius. The bank’s customers will receive enhanced content and services offers linked to their banking profile, such as VIP experiences and mobile data.

The partners say the initiative is unique and a world-first example of a collaboration on an equal footing between a bank and a telecom operator, adding that “the way in which Belfius and Proximus will provide access to their mutual offers will push back the limits of conventional ecosystems”.

Proximus’ strategy

Guillaume Boutin, CEO, Proximus (pictured standing), commented, “I 'm convinced that the creation of local ecosystems and the combination of two strong local brands, two emblems of the Belgian economy and two digital champions allow us to create a more complete, innovative and relevant service offering for the benefit of our customers.

"This digital mindset and fundamental openness to cooperation is a driving force behind our new strategy, which aims to make Proximus the reference operator in Europe.”

Marc Raisière, CEO, Belfius (pictured sitting), said, “I'm particularly happy and proud that Belfius and Proximus are becoming strategic partners. Not just because we are laying the foundations for a strategic collaboration unique in the world. But above all, because we are creating an innovative business model that makes real sense and will be a true ‘life-changer’ for our customers.

"Both in terms of the product offer specially designed for our customers and the exceptional experience we want to offer them. Proximus' visionary choice to also be a content provider combined with our own expertise and strategy will allow us to create disruptive digital environments that bring real change to customers' lives.”