ComArch introduces TYTAN InterPartner Billing


ComArch, a global independent software vendor and systems integrator, launches its newest solution for mobile telephony TYTAN InterPartner Billing.  The product integrates revenue sharing functionalities and interconnect billing features providing proper standards for the relationship management between telecommunications operators and their partners. TYTAN InterPartner Billing at the same time becomes fully integrated with other modules of ComArch TYTAN Platform for telecommunications market.

The system is dedicated to a wide range of companies operating on telecommunications market: mobile and fixed operators, virtual operators, service aggregators and clearing houses. It can be deployed both by start-up telecommunications companies and by mature carriers. In all of the cases it enables communication services providers to optimize their next generation business strategies, networks and services.

"TYTAN InterPartner Billing is much more than purely about sharing money between companies that contribute to the same service offered to the end customer. We created a solution that is based on the proper understanding the nature of building business relationships and partnerships. The idea behind this product is the necessity to activate the creative potential that arises in partnerships. TYTAN InterPartner facilitates the way the products are launched on the market and enables business partners to concentrate on generating new innovative ideas that give them real advantages over the competition" – says Christophe Debou, ComArch V-ce President, Telecommunications Business Unit.

TYTAN IPB provides comprehensive partner management with full billing information. But the system is designed to charge not only calls but any kind of usage data that are registered at the network elements (SMS, IP traffic, content-based services, etc.). Christophe Debou "By introducing this new product to the telecommunications industry, we want to contribute to the businesses of telecommunications operators, especially in the times when telephones are less and less used to make simple telephone calls, but serve in many other ways and many still is to be discovered".

TYTAN InterPartner Billing becomes a new element in the comprehensive ComArch TYTAN Billing Platform, a modular solution that covers all areas of a telecom carrier's operations and includes the entire range of billing and fulfillment solutions. The main system's task is to assure control of the accounting and quality processes for the offered services. It serves both traditional and GSM networks, including GPRS and UMTS, ISDN, ATM, intelligent networks, CATV, IP and VoIP.

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