TM Forum releases NGOSS 4.0


The TeleManagement Forum (TM Forum) announced today the release of New Generation Operations Systems and Software (NGOSS) Release 4.0. The new version of NGOSS introduces for the first time the "NGOSS Lifecycle" methodology that defines how to use the NGOSS framework to implement NGOSS-based OSS/BSS solutions. 

In addition, Release 4.0 contains enhancements to the eTOM, SID, and architecture tools.
NGOSS is the TM Forum's comprehensive, integrated framework for analysing, designing, developing, procuring and deploying operational and business support systems and software in a standardised, easy to integrate, and easy
to operate fashion.

"The purpose of Release 4.0 is to better equip service  providers with 'how to' tools for adopting and implementing NGOSS," says Martin Creaner, CTO of the TM Forum. "This significant move forward is a key contribution to the TM
Forum's 2004 strategy to better educate service providers on how to use NGOSS to transition to a 'lean operations' model."

The most significant enhancement to version 4.0 is the addition of the Lifecycle Management methodology which is a series of documents designed to help service providers develop OSS/BSS solutions for business problems using NGOSS principles. The Lifecycle Methodology defines a "cradle to grave" strategy for process definition, system design, solution implementation, and solution deployment by weaving together the detailed eTOM, SID, and architecture tools that exist in the NGOSS toolkit today.

"The NGOSS Lifecycle Methodology combines software engineering best practices with the NGOSS knowledge base to ensure that OSS/BSS systems meet the corporate business objectives," said Jenny Huang, OSS Architect and Standards Strategist at AT&T Labs. "The methodology blends the existing
software engineering best practices with real-world business experience from  major service providers and software vendors, to become a tailored methodology for the telecommunications industry."
In addition to the NGOSS Lifecycle Methodology, other version 4.0 enhancements also focus on increasing the usability of NGOSS.  These include:

eTOM:  Extension and deepening of eTOM business process map and example process flows

SID: SID Primer document providing a simple overview of the information models; extensions to information/data model definitions; users guide for the SID UML models

Architecture Enhancements: Detailed definition of a "Contract", which is the fundamental unit of interoperability within an NGOSS solution

Compliance:  Extension of tests to include new SID content; definition of strategy for testing for more detailed eTOM compliance.

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