Plantronics and TDK Systems Announce Partnership to Deliver Enhanced Bluetooth Voice Solutions


Giving wireless freedom for voice PC communication

Plantronics Inc., the world leader in communications headsets, and TDK Systems, manufacturer of award-winning Bluetooth adaptors and software for PC's and Apple computers, today announced a partnership to enhance the end-user experience for PC-based Bluetooth enabled voice communications.

Today, thousands of users are adding Bluetooth wireless technology to their home and business computers to take advantage of developing applications available between PCs and wireless peripherals such as mobile phones, headsets, printers, keyboards and pointing devices.

Voice communication via PCs is a rapid growth area with VoIP applications increasing as more consumers and businesses take advantage of its convenience, quality, productivity increases and cost efficiencies. By 2009, VoIP could account for 40 percent of the consumer telephone market and on the enterprise side, the Synergy Research Group estimates that sales of Internet-enabled phone systems to businesses will grow to reach US$5.3 billion in 2007.

TDK Systems, a major player in mobile connectivity and Plantronics are delighted to combine forces to take Bluetooth PC audio communications to the next level of integration and increased quality. "Communication needs are rapidly evolving. The PC has shown its potential in business, multimedia and internet/data communications. With the increase in adoption of VoIP for businesses and consumers there is a real need for Bluetooth solutions to enhance the PC providing the freedom to talk wirelessly via the PC over the internet." Comments Philip Vanhoutte Plantronics EMEA MD, he continues "TDK Systems' track record makes them the ideal partner to optimize the user's PC Voice experience and will undoubtly increase the uptake of this technology and popularity of Voice over IP".

Plantronics' expertise in developing lightweight headsets that enhance personal communications and deliver crystal clear audio performance spans over 40 years and they bring an award winning portfolio of Bluetooth headsets to the partnership.

TDK Systems' easy to use Bluetooth adaptors allow users to quickly take advantage of new applications powered by their computer. All TDK Systems' adaptors support Bluetooth's audio functions and make them easy to set-up and operate. By utilising a Bluetooth headset with their PC users can exploit low-cost PC based telephony and VoIP services.

"Unlike other Bluetooth developers who concentrate only on data, TDK Systems has concentrated on incorporating robust audio support into all its products," said Nick Hunn, Managing Director at TDK Systems. "That uniquely positions us to serve this new tranche of VoIP applications which Skype is bringing to the mass market."

"The recent legislation across Europe concerning use of mobile phones whilst driving has seen millions of users purchasing headsets. By combining these with TDK Systems' Bluetooth adaptors that same investment can save pounds in telephone bills. For the business traveller, the cost of enabling Bluetooth VoIP telephony can pay back within half an hour. Those who have already tried VoIP will welcome the mobility that Bluetooth headsets provide."