Sonera to open commercial UMTS network on 12 October


On October 12, 2004, Sonera will launch the commercial use of its UMTS network in twenty locations in Finland.

Mobile working, which has been on the rise, and diversifying mobile services set higher requirements for the capacity and data transmission rate of the network. The data transmission rate of Sonera's UMTS network is 384 kbps at its best. High-speed data transmission is useful, for instance, when the user opens email attachment files, browses the Internet or sends video. Faster data transmission also makes it smoother to use video content, listen to music and play games.

"Our aim is to have the highest quality network in Finland, regardless of the technology, so that our customers can use the services they wish with the devices they choose. We believe that by opening our UMTS network in twenty locations, we offer the most extensive 3G service in Finland right from the start. Behind our services, there is always the most advanced and appropriate technological solution. It has been important for us to ensure that our services operate well in different mobile networks and that the changeovers from one network to another are seamless," says Anni Vepsäläinen, President of TeliaSonera Finland.

Network to be expanded according to demand
Sonera's customers will be able to use the faster data transmission offered by the UMTS network by acquiring a UMTS phone  and a Sonera 3G card from a Sonera dealer. Voice calls and text messages in the UMTS network will cost the same as in the GSM network. Likewise, data transmission will be priced according to the current pricing regimes as regards both consumer and corporate services.

The network will be expanded according to demand. In addition to building the UMTS network, Sonera also continues to introduce other high-speed data transmission methods, such as EDGE, into the GSM network.

The currently available terminal devices operate either with GPRS/EDGE or with GPRS/UMTS technology. The first tri-mode GPRS/EDGE/UMTS terminal is expected to be launched by the end of this year, and Sonera believes that tri-mode terminals will become common later on. Sonera expects mass markets for the third generation mobile communications to arise when there are a sufficient number of low-end terminals on the market.

The UMTS network has been in pre-commercial use since December 2003. Over 1,000 users at about 30 companies have participated in the pre-commercial use. These companies have utilized the network in their own service development. Sonera has received a great deal of valuable feedback on the pre-commercial use and has utilized the feedback in developing the network.

Pricing of data transmission for consumer customers:

Fun Data
Connection charge: EUR0
Monthly charge: EUR0
Data transmission: EUR5.99/MB

Active Data
Connection charge: EUR8.21
Monthly charge: EUR9.99
Data transmission included in the monthly charge: 20MB
Data transmission exceeding 20MB: EUR2.37/MB

Pro Data
Connection charge: EUR8.21
Monthly charge: EUR18.30
Data transmission included in the monthly charge: 100MB
Data transmission exceeding 100MB: EUR1.74/MB

Pricing of data transmission for corporate customers:

Sonera Company Data
Connection charge: EUR6.73
Monthly charge: EUR3.36
Data transmission: EUR1.9456/MB

Sonera Company Data + 100MB extension package
Connection charge: EUR6.73
Monthly charge: EUR15
Data transmission included in the monthly charge: 100MB
Data transmission exceeding 100MB: EUR1.4336/MB

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