Top polish mobile operator provisions 3G services with Kabira


Kabira's Flexibility and Scalability Key Selection Factors for PTK Centertel

Kabira Technologies has announced that PTK Centertel,  Poland's fastest-growing digital  mobile service provider, is the latest major operator to utilize Kabira's  3G service provisioning and service activation solution (KPSA) and its underlying technology KIS (Kabira Infrastructure Server) to activate next-generation services.

PTK Centertel has chosen Kabira for its ability to handle high-volume provisioning transactions, as well as support its carrier-grade service delivery infrastructure to achieve current and future targets in subscriber activity and service roll-out.

"The introduction of KPSA in our IT architecture represents a key building block for successfully deploying cutting-edge services within the France Telecom group, our local IT team and our local partners, and still handle unexpected increases in traffic volume," said Mr Philippe Salin, Technical Director, PTK Centertel. "Even before full completion of the Kabira implementation, we were already launching new network features to respond to local market demands."

Marketed under the Idea brand and partly owned by France Telecom, PTK Centertel has taken the lead in the Polish mobile market, successfully introducing new multimedia real-time services and serving more than seven million customers. The substantial growth in subscribers, combined with the launch of strategic 3G services, has led PTK Centertel to review its provisioning infrastructure.

By leveraging the Kabira's 3G service provisioning and service activation solution and its underlying technology KIS, PTK Centertel is poised to achieve the flexibility and scalablity to handle the massive growth of provisioning flows. As an entirely open, vendor and technology-agnostic system, the Kabira platform also enables easy and strong integration with the existing IT and network infrastructure, as well as new IT and network equipment.

"By implementing our KIS technology and the leading next generation provisioning solution, PTK Centertel  now holds the right assets to strengthen its leading position in the Polish market and can build the crucial architecture needed to achieve a high performance 3G real-time environment," said Serge Dugas, Vice President  Central and Southern Europe, Kabira.