OMTP Group Announces New Participants


Mobile telecommunications group receives further support as more industry players join

OMTP Limited has announced that it has increased the number of members and participants to 40 with the addition of the following companies:

"Ericsson Mobile Platforms

"Infineon Technologies
"Sony Ericsson
"Texas Instruments

"Mobile Innovation

The new participants join the OMTP group at the same time as the arrival of Mats Nilsson, who took up the position of OMTP's managing director on 1st January. The highly respected Nilsson, along with the growing list of members and participants, attests to the fact that OMTP has rapidly attracted considerable support for its work from a wide spectrum of leading players within the mobile industry.

The OMTP group's focus is to provide customers with a more consistent and improved user experience across different devices, whilst also enabling individual operators and manufacturers to customise and differentiate their offering.  The new participants, representing companies from Europe, USA and Asia, have significant expertise in relevant areas and have already become involved in projects commissioned by OMTP.

The Board welcomed the new Participants and looks forward to their active support in the OMTP group's efforts. Commented Mats Nilsson: "2005 promises to be a particularly exciting year for the OMTP group.  We are now positioned – thanks to our new and existing members and participants – as a real centre of influence in the mobile community and we expect the benefits of our work to begin having an impact on the mobile consumer over the coming months."