elata launches connect partner management gateway to bridge the gap between mobile operators and content providers


New secure partner management gateway enables operators to manage relationships with third party content and service providers

3GSM World Congress 2005, Cannes, France

elata, a global leader in mobile content delivery and device management software solutions, today announced the launch of the elata connect partner management gateway solution.  Designed for mobile operators to manage their relationships with third party content and service providers, elata connect provides a secure network gateway for third parties to deliver mobile content directly through the mobile operator’s network and portal infrastructure within a controlled and quality assured environment.

As mobile operators look to grow their content offering with exciting new content and services, the issue of managing high volumes of mobile content from a variety of third party providers becomes a critical requirement.  And, with global content brands establishing their own service portals, mobile operators will need to offer an alternative to the "walled garden" service approach and provide easier access to their networks.  elata connect" has been designed to help mobile operators configure and manage the content ingestion process and remove the bottlenecks preventing mobile content reaching the market.

With elata connect, mobile operators have the best of both worlds: a walled garden catalogue of services, where mobile content is ingested into the operators content catalogue, and a gateway approach, through one unified service delivery infrastructure.  This removes the bottleneck of managing high volumes of content and speeds the time to market for the latest mobile content and services.  Subscribers benefit from an increased choice of content and services available to browse and buy leading to higher uptake of services and increased revenues.

Based on an open Parlay-X model, elata connect provides service providers and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) with a fast and reliable interface to deliver mobile content directly through the network to subscriber devices.  The gateway provides a secure framework to integrate with third party systems and the flexibility to manage commercial service level agreements (SLAs) and quality of service (QoS) guarantees for the delivery of multiple content and service types such as games, ringtones, messaging and streaming media.

"Walled garden content catalogues have helped the early mobile content market," said Matt Hooper, Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Alliances at elata. "However, in order to make high volumes of content available to subscribers, networks need to be opened up at the abstraction layer and management control needs to be placed firmly at the doorstep of content and service providers.  elata connect enables this while maintaining quality of service."