A new era, a new energy, a new Emblaze Mobile brand


Emblaze Mobile Launches New Branding and Business Focus

3GSM World Congress

Emblaze Mobile Ltd., the handset design and manufacturing house and a member of the Emblaze Group, is unveiling its strategy and vision to lead a new era in customised handset manufacture on its stand at the 3GSM World Congress, Cannes.

"Emblaze Mobile is all about a bold, fresh and provocative approach to a market where monoliths have caused stagnation," said Laurence Alexander, newly appointed CEO to Emblaze Mobile. "Similar to television, the biggest killer app in the new mobile generation is - the phone itself. Our philosophy is to move swiftly with devices that have been developed to appeal to a defined market with applications, content and customised user experience that will actually make people use the phone for more than just calls and SMS. We segment the customers of our phones  not by demographic, but by attitude, desires as well as functional needs."

Emblaze Mobile's new focus is to deliver stylish, individual lifestyle handsets to consumers in a sophisticated market place where handsets are no longer merely a functional piece of necessary technology, but rather a desired piece of lifestyle, coupled with applications and content enablement. Emblaze Mobile aims to reshape the market with its innovation for design and usability, and to provide cool, stylish mobile devices with leading user experience in all applications beyond mere voice calls. This confident new focus was reiterated in the strong and bold branding unveiled at the show.

Alexander continued: "In the coming months Emblaze Mobile will be investing greatly to build the Emblaze brand. We will be challenging the industry to take a fresh look at the way it operates. We want to lead the industry in evolving and becoming customer focused for next generation services."

Following months of research and focus groups, Emblaze Mobile knows what its target market wants and has developed an ongoing strategy to attack the market in a targeted way; concentrating on developing lifestyle products and software for specific people and customer types.  In building the brand, Emblaze Mobile will be single minded and aims to fit a targeted 'image-aware' audience, without alienating those less brand aware. Emblaze has seen that the style conscious are brand champions who drive needs, so the primary focus for the Emblaze brand is to win this audience's heart and mind.

Emblaze Mobile has expanded its international position with headquarters in London incorporating marketing, sales and management. The recently purchased handset design and manufacturing house in Korea provides volume manufacturing capabilities, top tier mechanical and hardware design while Israel remains the technology focus for software R&D, applications and content development.