Sepura launches TETRA radio range


SRH3000 series

Sepura announces the introduction of the SRH3000 series of hand-held TETRA radios. The series includes the SRH3500 and the SRH3800 ranges.   

In addition to the features and functions from the award winning 2000 series of TETRA radios, the SRH3000 series platform provides significant advances and innovations in TETRA radio technology. These changes focus on the operational usability of the radios, security and users’ safety.

The SRH3500 range is the first family of radios on the TETRA market to include a 16 shade greyscale screen with a definition capable of displaying maps and images.

The SRH3000 hand-held series introduces a faster processor and increased memory.  All radios are provided with an End-to-End encryption hardware platform incorporating a dedicated, tamperproof microprocessor and a smart card connector for End-to-End encryption use, with the support of TETRA Encryption air interface Algorithms TEA1, TEA2, TEA3 and TEA4.
The User Interface of the SRH3500 and SRH3800 ranges can display ISO 8859-2 and ISO 8859-5 character sets including English, Italian, Swedish, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Cyrillic; it can also display the ideographic character sets of Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Arabic.

Both ranges incorporate the ultra-sensitive and fully-integrated sGPS device, unique to Sepura in TETRA, winner in May 2005 of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) award for the best new communication security product.

Graham Matthews, Managing Director for Sepura commented: “We have updated and extended Sepura’s hand-held radios portfolio to meet the growing international market demands for TETRA radios. During the last three years, Sepura has brought to market eleven different TETRA radios and associated advanced management tools. The introduction of these new products is a response to our continuous monitoring of user requirements and is ample proof that we listen to our customers; it also reinforces our long-term and long-standing commitment to the market place”.