Anite Launches Commercial HSDPA Test Package


Anite Telecoms today announced the commercial launch of its first HSDPA test case package. The product, now being shipped to customers, is the result of Anite's continuous collaboration with the world's leading wireless operators and developers, and demonstrates its commitment to offering the best service possible to its customers.

Anite already offers over two years' HSDPA testing experience, and has provided customers with the necessary expertise to assist them in their development of HSDPA-enabled handsets. The 10 test cases now available include tests for RRC (Radio Resource Control) and conformance testing of the MAC (Medium Access Control) protocol layer. Testing of this functionality is of critical importance to handset manufacturers.

Furthermore, customers' test system investment is protected as these HSDPA test cases can be executed on Anite's revolutionary SAT(A)UE multiple-technology testing platform. With no upgrade required, customers are provided with an integrated, flexible testing solution. The SAT(A)UE hardware also supports intersystem handover tests for HSDPA.

Richard Bellairs, Product Marketing Manager at Anite Telecoms commented: "By working closely with operators and developers on HSDPA over the years, we are now in a strong position to provide our customers with the best service as early in the development cycle as possible. Anite continues to support customers through HSDPA design validation and now conformance testing. The launch of HSDPA test cases will essentially ensure customers are provided with the appropriate equipment in preparation for the consumer launch of HSDPA-enabled handsets in early 2006."