Mobile Distillery and Innaworks forge strategic partnership to offer integrated Java -BREW porting solution


Mobile Distillery and Innaworks, leading providers of software tools for the mobile application industry, have jointly announced that they have entered into a technology partnership and built a streamlined integration of Mobile Distillery's Celsius v4 Java porting solution with Innaworks' alcheMo Java to BREW transcoding solution.

The two companies have co-developed developer facing solutions that bridge the gap between Java ME and BREW application roll-out, accelerating time-to-market and slashing porting costs. The combination of two products, Celsius, automated Java porting software, with alcheMo, automated Java to BREW porting solution, provides a comprehensive solution to solve the platform and handset fragmentation issue for mobile game and application providers.

"Today alcheMo automates Java to BREW porting for many of the top mobile game and application publishers." said Stephen Cheng, CEO of Innaworks. "The tight integration with Celsius provides our customers with the opportunity to unify their Java and BREW production and post-production pipelines, and greatly reduces the time and cost of porting to hundreds of Java and BREW handsets. " he added.

"The delivery of a dedicated output from Celsius v4 to Innaworks' alcheMo allows to develop once and port easily to a maximum number of platforms and operators from a single Java ME master code base" said Eric Lemaréchal, Mobile Distillery Co-Founder and CEO. "This simplifies the whole production pipeline and makes it possible to deploy mobile applications in a highly cost effective way".

The integrated solution provides significant benefits:
-Simultaneous BREW and J2ME development building off a single Java code base -Accelerated time to market Easy updates to future devices Reduced QA, porting and maintenance costs
-The integrated alcheMo and Celsius solution is now commercially available. For enquiries please contact Innaworks or Mobile Distillery.

Workflow description:
Traditional methods to address multiple platforms rely on Java ME to BREW ‘manual' porting, or on technology components that do not form an end to end solution. This adds huge time and cost to the post production process and forces to maintain multiple code streams.
With a single Java ME master source code and leveraging Celsius's handset profiling facilities, the developer will have the ability not only to output his application to 600 Java devices (US, Europe and Asia), but also output to the current 150+ Brew phones using integrated Celsius and alcheMo solution. alcheMo is the first automated solution which can port a Java ME source code to an equivalent BREW C++ application source code. As part of the joint development, in addition to generating ready builds for over 600 Java devices, Celsius v4 generates Java ME source code optimized for alcheMo, which are fed directly to Innaworks' alcheMo BREW porting solution.

In keeping with Celsius's efficient production pipeline, the announced integration takes advantage of Celsius's power of going from "one source to many". Building from a single Profiled Master Source Code, Celsius generates the necessary variations to adapt to multiple resolutions, characteristics and performance ranges. When targeting BREW devices the integration of Celsius and alcheMo offers an equally unified workflow. Celsius displays the BREW devices available in alcheMo and automatically delivers multiple Java ME source codes specifically prepared for input to alcheMo's Java to BREW porting engine. This alleviates the need to create all the variations for different handset ranges before converting the Java versions to the BREW equivalent in alcheMo.