TeliaSonera simplifies mobile surfing and launches a new advertisement channel

In the first quarter of 2008, TeliaSonera is to launching SurfOpen and a so-called value window. SurfOpen is an Internet tool that simplifies mobile surfing by staying in sight at the top of the mobile display in a similar way as the web browser's icons. The value window is said to be an entirely new kind of mobile advertisement channel, an interactive space where the customer can access his or her favourite services and attractive offers in a quick and simple manner.    
Internet users are used to navigating on the PC, and a similar navigation tool is needed to surf with the mobile phone. TeliaSonera has therefore developed SurfOpen, which stays in sight at the top of the mobile display during surfing in a similar way as the browser's icons. SurfOpen comprises tabs for favourites, search engine and advertisements, for example. 
"SurfOpen simplifies things for all our customers who surf on the Internet with their mobile phones. Current and new customers familiar with the Internet on the PC will find their way in the service, and they do not even have to learn things again when they change their phones," says Kenneth Karlberg, President of TeliaSonera Mobility Services. 
The value window appears when the phone is idle and not when the user needs the display to surf, read text messages or study the calendar. The value window is interactive, which means that the customers can browse forward and look at only those ads that interest them. In addition, the users can use the value window to collect their own favourite services on the phone's own background. By clicking the content, the user can then transfer to the service in question. 
"Sending advertisements to our customers have been technically possible for many years, but it is only now that we have come up with a smart and simple solution favourable to both our customers and the advertisers.  The customers gain a quick and simple way of accessing their favourite services and attractive offers. Simultaneously we create new revenue models in the mobile industry," says Kenneth Karlberg, President of TeliaSonera Mobility Services.