Accuris Networks and TNO announce independent Voice Call Continuity (VCC) showcase


Accuris Networks, a specialist in Fixed Mobile Convergence, and TNO Information and Communication Technology in the Netherlands, have announced 'the world's first' independent Voice Call Continuity showcase.  The showcase, which is based on Accuris's AccuROAM FMC platform is said to show that mobile operators can realise IMS compliant applications without investing in a full IMS core.

The 3GPP has defined the Voice Call Continuity (VCC) specifications in order to describe how a voice call can be continued, as a mobile phone moves between circuit switched and packet switched radio domains. Mobile operators are interested in this technology in order to create service bundles as they enter the DSL market and also to gain enterprise market share through fixed mobile substitution. Allowing enterprise users to carry voice traffic over office premises WiFi and then seamlessly handing calls over to cellular networks as WiFi radio quality degrades, provides for mobile operator ARPU increases while offering significant cost savings to SMEs and SoHo subscribers.

Given the definition of VCC as an IMS application, many mobile operators are currently evaluating this technology as part of the same projects as IMS core considerations. However, IMS-compliant solution architectures can be realised by mobile operators without investing in a full IMS core. This proposition has now been validated within the IMS showcase environment in TNO's experience center. Accuris Networks has integrated the market-leading AccuROAM VCC implementation to OpenIMS infrastructure at the TNO site and is now demonstrating a comprehensive set of carrier grade VCC features there. In fact, this implementation extends beyond basic voice functionality to also persist Supplementary Services and Messaging features across both cellular and WiFi domains. The entire mobile telephony user experience is then preserved for subscribers with dual mode handsets, attaching to WiFi access points.

Aidan Dillon, CEO at Accuris Networks said "We are delighted to be working with TNO in relation to this VCC showcase. The extensive test and demonstration equipment that they retain, along with their rapid realisation of a VCC solution that includes a range of third party components, highlights their unrivalled competencies in this space. We look forward to jointly welcoming many interested parties with TNO, to observe and evaluate the VCC showcase in their IMS experience centre ".

Toon Norp, TNO's business consultant for IMS remarked "At TNO our approach to innovation is integrated and practical, we have taken a VCC solution AccuROAM from Accuris Networks and demonstrated it in an IMS environment to prove that mobile operators can realise IMS compliant solution architectures by combining different components from individual best-of-breed players.  We look forward to demonstrating and sharing our findings with interested parties".