PixSense announces Version 2.0 of PSP platform for Symbian smartphones


PixSense, a specialist in mobile multimedia management, has announced Version 2.0 of its PSP Platform for Symbian smartphones. PSP Platform 2.0 enhances usability for mobile users to easily create and build media communities on the go. New features for Symbian smartphone users also include an updated interface, new organizational capabilities such as direct web publishing to third-party sites, synchronization between web and mobile, mobile-to-mobile share and a new service tab for media shared by friends and family.

PSP Platform 2.0 direct web publishing allows user-generated content to be posted straight to the web, extending online social networking from the PC to the handset.  Streamlining media management across the phone and computer, the same easy-to-use experience is now seamless between the mobile handset and the website. PSP 2.0 also includes updated gallery functions on the phone for photo editing - such as rotating, zooming and including tags, comments or captions - before posting to a social network or saving to a

Symbian smartphone users now benefit from mobile-to-mobile share, which allows for media sharing with other mobile subscribers regardless of network or location.  Between two PixSense platform users, shared collections automatically upload into a gallery tab labeled "friends," where media is auto-organized with smart categorizing according to event. For example, all photos taken October 16 in London will remain grouped in the same collection. For non-PSP Platform users, collections will arrive on the phone through a link to the online gallery.

"The 2.0 availability of PixSense's PSP for Symbian smartphones adds a new level of interactivity and true-usability to mobile media," said Faraz Hoodbhoy, CTO of PixSense. "We're excited about extending subscribers' reach to social networking services and increasing the usability and utility of their handsets. The value proposition for subscribers is simple: stay mobile while reaping the benefits of PC-based media distribution."

The PSP Platform 2.0 automatically synchronizes between the online gallery and phone gallery, so media is always consistent between the mobile and computer.  From the handset, users can browse online galleries and click on specific photos or videos for a full screen download. To encourage safe user sharing, PSP Platform 2.0 includes a tool for carriers to block offensive materials.

PixSense bridges the gaps between advanced camera phone capabilities and consumer underutilization of these features. Its multimedia and persona management solutions incorporate advanced, patent-pending media compression technology, which significantly reduces file size of photos and videos by up to 90 percent and optimizes network transmission with no loss in media quality.