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Huawei helps Telecom Italia accelerate the commercial launch of HSUPA services in Italy


Huawei, the provider of next generation telecommunications network solutions for operators, has today announced the successful commercial launch of High-Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA) network services across southern Italy for Telecom Italia. The network, which is billed to be the fastest in Italy, enables uplink speeds of 1.92Mbps and downlink speeds of 7.2Mbps.

Huawei completed the upgrade and expansion of Telecom Italia's network in record time.  The new network covers many tourist regions, including Sicily and Calabria. Huawei deployed its new generation Green HSPA Node Bs, understanding that it was of particular importance to the operator that the infrastructure should be environmentally sustainable and not detract from the beauty of the region's natural landscape.

Huawei's Green HSPA Node Bs feature fourth-generation power amplifier technology, which greatly cuts power consumption and increases coverage efficiency. Moreover, the new network is IP-ready, meaning that Telecom Italia can take full advantage of its existing IP resources, and ensure minimal long-term ownership costs.

According to Telecom Italia, the speed and efficiency with which Huawei has completed this project is very satisfying. The new network will allow Telecom Italia to speed the transition of its subscribers to the latest mobile services and reinforce its position as a provider of first-class user experiences.

"We appreciate Telecom Italia's trust in Huawei," commented Qiao Xiaoping, managing director of Huawei Technologies Italy.  "We are confident that the success of this project will lead to further opportunities to assist Telecom Italia with its growth - and in turn bring the best in next-generation mobile communications to consumers."