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RFS launches Optimizer CELlite


Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) has launched the new Optimizer CELlite base station antenna (BSA) series. The slimline dual-polarised Optimizer CELlite antenna series is said to complement RFS's vertically-polarised CELlite variant, providing users with a stable and lightweight antenna solution. 

The new Optimizer CELlite antenna series supports CDMA (806-870MHz), and GSM (870 to 960MHz) frequency bands, and is claimed to exhibit the 'superior' performance of the RFS Optimizer antenna family--including upper side lobe suppression typically better than 18dB across the entire frequency range, high gain, and 'impressive' front-to-back ratio (typically around 28dB).

According to Rémi Deniel, RFS Area Product Manager Wireless Infrastructure Solutions, the latest addition to RFS's world-renowned Optimizer antenna suite features a robust microstripline power feed system constructed from monolithic aluminium, in place of the traditional cabled feed system. "This, coupled with the antenna's one-piece panel construction and reduced number of weld joints delivers advanced passive intermodulation (PIM) performance," he said. "Optimised PIM performance plays a significant role in maximising call quality and avoiding dropped calls--crucial in high-capacity networks." 

The new Optimizer CELlite antenna series is also claimed to provide network operators with new levels of deployment and operational flexibility. "The new Optimizer CELlite BSA has been designed to accommodate the rapid roll-out of wireless networks in densely populated regions," said Deniel. "Its lightweight construction makes it quick and easy to install, while its advanced RF performance makes it ideal for providing coverage in high-capacity wireless networks."

Supporting all services between 806MHz and 960MHz, the first release of RFS's new Optimizer CELlite antenna series will comprise three variants--the 2m 0-degree fixed-tilt (APX86-906515S-CT0), the 2.6m 0-degree fixed-tilt (APX86-906516S-CT0), and the 2.6m six-degree fixed-tilt (APX86-906516S-CT6). "The Optimizer CELlite antenna with six-degree downtilt is the ideal ready-made solution for networks with high levels of call traffic that require smaller coverage cells," said Deniel. "The combination of flexibility and performance of the Optimizer CELlite is synonymous with RFS's reliable Optimizer antenna range."