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Purple Labs and Openwave confirm joint commitment to open standards and interoperability


Purple Labs, a software provider for mass-market mobile phones, and Openwave Systems, a software specialist enabling revenue-generating personalized services which converge the mobile and broadband experience, have announced a joint testing programme, confirming their commitment to open standards and interoperability. Purple Labs will continue to test its newly acquired Messaging and Browser software against Openwave servers, in order to assist customers of both companies with their own portfolio planning.

"Open standards and interoperability are critical success factors for our carrier customers," said Olivier Bartholot, Purple Labs VP, Product Management. "Following our recent acquisition of the Openwave messaging and browser business, it is important to provide our joint customers with a clear statement of our ongoing commitment to working with Openwave to test our embedded client software".

"We are pleased to confirm our commitment to this program," said Susan Davies, SVP Products and Worldwide Support. "Openwave places the highest priority on meeting our customer needs, and interoperability is key amongst these. Working with Purple Labs on this program ensures a continuity of service for our joint customers."

On June 30th, the companies announced that Purple Labs acquired the Openwave mobile phone software business for $32m, which develops and markets the industry-leading browser and messaging technologies. Purple Labs now supplies mobile browser software to all of the top 5 phone manufacturers, which together produce over 80% of the world's mobile phones.