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UK based MVNE CallKey completes merger with CallBlue


UK MVNE CallKey has announced that a merger with one of it's leading competitors, CallBlue, has been successfully completed.

This merger results in CallKey expanding its network capability with the addition of an HLR (Home Location Register), and MSC (Mobile Switching Centre). This combination expands CallKey's ability to act as a full MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler) providing the technology and services to facilitate companies to become full global roaming MVNO's in a very short time.

By owning the technical infrastructure that underpins the service, unlike other roaming providers, CallKey says it has complete control over call costs, quality, security and billing. Callers always receive the best quality because all calls are switched directly from the home network.

CallKey claims to be one of the world's first and largest suppliers of Travel SIMs, which abolish high roaming fees that are usually charged by incumbent Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

The company offers a 100% white label platform where MVNO's can customise everything as their own, including having their own branding of SIMs and web portal, plus customised audio prompts and short-codes.  MVNO's can set up multiple sub-distributors, each with their own discrete pricing, and customisation.

Each MVNO is also given access to their own personal "back office" where they can fully manage their customer and sub-agent accounts, plus view all CDRs in real time. A comprehensive online diagnostics facility provides necessary information for customer support.

CallKey also provides a full A-Z wholesale rate sheet optimized for various regions, including the EU, where MVNO's can set their own tariffs, thus determining their profit margins. By offering free inbound calls in over 50 countries and cheaper outbound, MVNO's are able to target corporate and leisure travellers, and genuinely compete against incumbent Operators.

CallKey offers full customisation options, where its core technology can be applied using standardised toolsets defined in an API (Application Programming Interface). The API allows a development partner or customer full network control.