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Full reference uplink and downlink MOS measurements now available using handheld network quality testing system


SwissQual, the independent Swiss network quality measurement company, has said that the latest version of its QualiPoc Handheld network quality testing tool is the only Smartphone based network quality testing tool which is capable of measuring the full reference MOS scores in the uplink and downlink voice channels with SQUAD-LQ.

Smartphone-based network testing tools offer portability and cost advantages, allowing operators to put them in the hands of every field engineer. However they also typically have severe limitations in terms of accuracy of voice quality measurements. QualiPoc has overcome these drawbacks through the application of quality assessment algorithms that have been specifically adapted for use in Smartphones. SwissQual has developed algorithms which are optimised to make the best use of the limited system resources available in a handheld device and still achieve or even outperform the accuracy of the ETSI recommended algorithms.

Says Pero Juric, SwissQual VP of Product Management: "For example, the best way to get a highly accurate assessment of voice quality is to use a full reference method. This uses a known voice clip as a test signal, transmits it and compares the received signal against the same source clip. This uses a lot of system resources, however by optimising the quality assessment algorithm we have been able to offer the method on the QualiPoc device. Another issue is the fact that hand held devices are typically not able to measure the uplink and the downlink voice path. We have designed the QualiPoc system to measure both! This not only delivers a richer picture of what is going on in the network, but also complies with ETSI recommendations. "

QualiPoc is available in a number of forms including models for mobile, unattended operation, static monitoring, and "friendly user" functionality. It can perform tests between mobile-mobile as well as mobile-land. QualiPoc can be combined with SwissQual's Diversity test tools and is compatible with all SwissQual Post Processing application as well as with a number of 3rd party vendors post processing systems.

Says SwissQual CEO, John May: "Our Diversity range of probes offers the ultimate in terms of accuracy, reliability and the ability to operate in a wide range of environmental conditions. However where there are constraints in terms of budget, or where an extremely portable solution is needed, QualiPoc offers the best option available"