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Astellia benchmarks handsets according to users’ QoE


Astellia, a specialist in optimization systems for the Quality of Service (QoS) and performance of mobile networks, has enhanced its 2G/3G "Handset Profiling" solution. The application helps operators troubleshoot quality-threatening problems due to low performing handsets and choose the best terminals to trigger enhanced mobile voice and data services usage.

According to Astellia, with the increasing number of mobile handsets and the swift development of multimedia contents launched onto the market, it is becoming increasingly important for operators to measure individual performance and ensure that terminals are optimized for high-quality voice calls, streamline web browsing, fast email access and video streaming.

The Astellia Handset Profiling application is currently used by the marketing and procurement teams of many operators worldwide to benchmark mobile handsets and choose the best performing terminals.

"It plays a crucial role in delivering the best Quality of Experience (QoE) to subscribers, increasing service usage and revenues", says Pierre-Yves Pasco, Product Manager, Handset Profiling, at Astellia. "It also gives operators greater negotiation power in dealing with handset manufacturers."

Network operations take full advantage of the application for in-depth troubleshooting purposes and, using Handset Profiling, engineers can rapidly diagnose problems and identify whether the root cause is linked to a low-performing network, handset or application.

Handset Profiling, now available for both 2G and 3G, is based on the Astellia monitoring solution. Non intrusive, it provides a clear picture of how voice and data services are perceived from real handsets' and users' perspective from any point on the network. This contributes to reduce need for active testing and emulating hundreds of handsets. Through a web interface, operators' teams can easily access reliable and precise key performance indicators such as call success rate, download time, speed and throughput for Internet, Wap and MMS.