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Telekom Austria selects ZTE to provide IMS converged network for VoLTE


ZTE has announced that it will be providing Telekom Austria with a circuit switched/IMS converged voice network, in order to aid the implementation of VoLTE.

Working in collaboration with vendor Kaspsch Carrier Com, ZTE will be replacing the existing mobile core network in Austria, Slovenia and Liechtenstein with a mobile CS softswitch network and building a new IMS network in these areas as well.

ZTE’s cloud-based solution uses IMS hosting to deploy a centralised IMS core that can be deployed independently to each location and will support RCS-e and VoLTE via eSRVCC.

In addition to enabling full convergence of Telekom Austria’s existing fixed and mobile networks, the new mobile softswitch and IMS network will enable an increase of network capacity and reduce capex as well as the network’s physical footprint.

“The new ZTE CS/IMS network opens up the future for Telekom Austria Group,” said Hans Pichler, CTO of Telekom Austria Group. “It will enable us to easily expand our business while giving our customers the best possible experience of the latest fixed and mobile communication services.”