American Roamer rebrands as Mosaik Solutions


Partners with Europa technologies

American Roamer, a source of geospatial network intelligence, has rebranded as Mosaik Solutions. The new name is intended to better reflect the company’s position as a global source of information on wireless network coverage.

Mosaik Solutions maintains a network coverage catalogue as well as a database of telecommunications coverage patterns, wireless spectrum depth, network configurations, and licensing data. The company’s geospatial, analytical, creative and web solutions form a comprehensive source of geospatial network intelligence.

“Mosaik Solutions has grown well beyond America – it is global. Our capabilities are beyond mobile and roaming – we have intelligence solutions for the entire network ecosystem,” said Bryan Darr, CEO, Mosaik Solutions.

The company has also announced a resale alliance with Europa Technologies, licensing the UK-based company to distribute its Global Coverage Analyser and CellMaps services.

Europa uses Mosaik Solutions’ tiling application programming interface (Tiling API) to access the catalogue.