Ericsson hits 15GBps in 5G virtual reality trial, launches Poland innovation space


Ericsson has conducted a 5G trial in mmWave spectrum to mark the opening of a new testing facility in Poland.

The demonstration in Krakow (pictured) took place using a 1GHz slice of spectrum within the 28GHz mmWave band.

The Sweden-based vendor said it achieved speeds of 15GBps and latency below 10ms during a virtual reality video game. Participants were able to compare the performance of a video game on the 5G connection with one on LTE.

The test, part of the Ericsson Radio Tech Day, marked the opening of an ’Ericsson Garage’ in the city.

Set to start operating by the end of this year, the site aims to provide a incubation space for innovation focused on 5G, cloud, virtualisation, the IoT and analytics. It will be open to operators, enterprises, programmers, start-ups, end users and academic institutions.

Similar hubs already exist in Sweden, Germany, France, Croatia and Hungary.

”Opening the Ericsson Garage in Krakow is one of the elements of popularising the 5G programme for Europe and Poland, in order to boost competitiveness of the domestic industry,” the vendor said in a statement. “Ericsson Garage reinforces radio designing capabilities on one of the world’s pioneering 5G markets.”

The demo came as Ericsson filed what it dubbed a “landmark” patent for a full 5G network last week.

5G is set to be fully standardised in 2020, with the first commercial deployments of pre-standard 5G to take place from 2018.

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