Kerlink starts work on world's largest LoRa network in India


Internet of Things provider Kerlink is deploying what it describes as the world's biggest LoRa network in India in partnership with Tata Communications.

The France-based company said the network would bring connectivity to more than 400 million people across 2,000 cities and communities through more than 10,000 so-called connectivity "stations".

Kerlink has set up an Indian subsidiary, based in Chennai, which will be lead by Girish Dadheech, who will serve as Vice-President of Technology, Customer and Partner Engagement. He was formerly CTO at subscriber intelligence vendor Astellia India.

There was no timetable for when the LoRa network will be completed. Dadeech said the deployment would help support infrastructure projects and also create demands for new kinds of industries and services.

He added: “The Internet of Things will have enthusiastic reception in India in the major application categories of transport, agriculture, asset tracking, logistics, smart cities, smart homes and security and safety. These are being driven by strong and dynamic programs led by the state and private companies, like ‘100 Smart Cities’.

“The LoRaWAN network, powered by Kerlink stations, can be deployed simply and will quickly begin delivering the efficient, two-way connectivity throughout Tata Communications’ targeted nationwide coverage areas.”

Earlier this week, Belgian operator Proximus said it was using LoRa technology to power a nationwide smart metering project for a gas company.