Nokia and Bosch fuse connectivity and hardware in IoT alliance


Nokia has teamed up with electronics maker Bosch to launch a portfolio of industrial IoT products.

The partnership will combine the expertise of the two companies to create solutions for smart asset tracking, predictive maintenance and environmental monitoring.

Nokia’s contribution includes connectivity solutions and its secure IoT device management platform IMPACT.

It will also provide its WING platform, which packages connectivity and consultancy services to aim to help operators and enterprises deliver IoT solutions more quickly and easily.

Bosch will add monitoring devices built on its MEMS smart sensors, which can measure and transmit environmental data including acceleration, rotary motion, mass flow, and the earth's magnetic field. They are already used in cars and smartphones.

Customer trials are already taking place in Europe and EMEA, with commercial offerings set to launch in early 2018.

Laurent Le Gourierrec, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Nokia, said: "This combination of devices, connectivity and services from two worldwide leaders will allow for the rapid deployment of large-scale, innovative IoT applications."

Markus Lang, Chief Executive Officer at Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions, said: "With our companies' complementary offering, Nokia is the perfect partner to build comprehensive IoT business solutions.

“We strongly believe that collaboration and interoperability are key enablers to scale IoT solutions. This cooperation is a major milestone on the way."

Nokia recently expanded its WING IoT offering with new services to help service providers identify business opportunities and test products ahead of launch.