Tele2 looks 2ROUTE IoT data in a more efficient way


Tele2 has launched a new infrastructure-as-a-service solution aimed at collecting, routing and managing IP data for the Internet of Things.

2ROUTE aims to make data management simpler and more cost effective, the operator said, by offering a single management and routing platform for IP traffic produced via multiple operators.

It added that the solution strips away the complexity of current systems, which rely on infrastructure provided by different suppliers to maximise the coverage of IoT networks, something that leads to costly IP and network integration and additional overheads.

Tele2 claimed 2ROUTE can help enterprises instantly configure the network settings of their IoT deployments through a suite of APIs and an online interface.

Another feature of the solution is reducing the time to set up private IoT infrastructure from up to 12 weeks to minutes. Enterprises can also isolate specific kinds of data through establishing secure sub-networks.

It gave the example of a fleet management company being able to manage their vehicles through something akin to a private secure network, but without the time and effort required in fully establishing and configuring one themselves.

A number of Tele2 customers have already begun testing the solution.

Rami Avidan, CEO of Tele2 IoT, said: "Our 2ROUTE service is an excellent example where we launch a service that reduces overhead and hardware cost, enables a quicker time-to-market and provides tools to improve our customers’ product quality and security.

"Our strategy to develop open, enduring and inspiring products is now visible for the entire world and the release of new disruptive services will increase over the next year.”

Yesterday KPN launched a new IoT platform comprising hardware, connectivity, and data and consulting services as it looks to turn around its ailing enterprise business.