Telia uses 5G to hold eSports face-off in Finland


Telia has held its first demonstration of 5G technology in a live environment, connecting gamers at an eSports event in Finland.

The event was held in the Kamppi shopping centre in the Finnish capital Helsinki, where gamers were connected to a mobile network via a Nokia base station on the 28GHz frequency.

Members of the public were able to challenge pro-gamer Robin ”Snappe” Uotila and YouTubers Scouppi and Roponen to matches of the popular PS4 multiplayer title Overwatch.

The world of eSports, where professional gamers face off in tournaments broadcasting online to millions of viewers, is increasingly seen as an opportunity by operators.

Telia has its own eSports team and Telefónica and Vodafone have also moved into the space with recent sponsorship deals and partnerships.

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Janne Koistinen, 5G Program Director for Telia in Finland, said: “Trials in lab environment have proved that 5G opens enormous new opportunities in the world of competitive gaming.

"We want to illustrate the possibilities of 5G through practical examples, and therefore we wanted to take this new technology out for the public to try.

"Esports is a challenging area for technology, but we believe 5G will offer a super efficient access alternative for gamers."

Mikko Kaarttinen, Telia eSports team, added: "Esports is growing fast; more and more Finns engage in recreational gaming and the best players compete in global arenas for million dollar prizes. We want to take eSports further and participate in building a responsible gaming culture that excites both the younger and the older generations of gamers."