Truphone launches IoT-ready FastSIM


Truphone has released an Internet of Things enabled SIM that switches between networks quickly.

The FastSIM uses a cloud-based management platform, which Truphone said allows it to offer a "install once, deploy anywhere" solution. The software allows the SIM to change its localisation characteristics while holding onto the same set of services it offers.

Truphone said the switching is as simple as changing timezones. It described the product as suitable for connected cars and wearables, where the user could change location often.

James Tagg, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, said: “FastSIM and our network innovations are the result of many years of R&D and interoperability testing with our partners. Today, we are extremely excited to announce our ability to manage SIMs for growing IoT ecosystems. FastSIM leverages all the benefits of Truphone’s global mobile network, while providing a seamless service experience.”

Bruno Duarte, Head of IoT/M2M stated: “The integrated FastSIM and IoT/M2M Connectivity Management Platform gives Truphone a unique benefit in the machine cellular connectivity and management space. Truphone operator and enterprise partners find in Truphone a reliable and differentiated supplier that fulfils the missing mobility needs of the IoT/M2M industry.”

In 2014, Truphone was awarded a patent for its SIM card technology that automatically changed identity when its user visited another country. The IMSI Broker switched to the best available network for speed, coverage and quality of service.

The company styles itself as a global operator, allowing customers to make calls from numerous international countries.